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I have an 1981 GL500I silverwing that I would like to remove the fairing from

My ? is what do I need from a light stand point? Headlight, Turn Signals, Wiring?

Is there a kit I can purchase? I have remove the fairing before but that was just for cleaning

Please any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Steve
Hi Steve,

The main things you will need is headlight, headlight mounts, and turn-signals. Getting these part will require some research on your part.

A lot depends upon if you are trying to get original parts or not. Stock part are harder to find and expensive. check out the Quick Reference

Thread in the General Discussion Forum. There is a lot of good info there. get a parts list for the GL500 and you can see exactly what is needed.

Many Honda motorcycles of that era have compatible parts. Including but not limited to GL500, CX500, Gl650, CX650, CB750, and GL1000.

It all depends on what you want to do. My GL500 had no front-end and when I rebuilt it, the job was a custom build. I have a small sport fairing with a bates

headlights and led turn-signals.

Goodluck, Charlie
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