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Refill Front Brake Line

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I have completely drained and cleaned my front brake line, caliper and MC and now wonder what the trick is to refill the entire line with brake fluid? After I put all the pieces back together, I filled the MC with fluid, squeezed the brake handle and nothing seems to happen. I have bled the brakes before without issue, but this is the first time I took the entire system apart, drained it and cleaned it all up.
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Another method of BLEEDING:

On the floor on the left side of the front wheel put a cup full of brake fluid. Slide a rubber tube over the bleeder nipple on the caliper and put the other end of the tube IN the cup of brake fluid. (I simply use regular black rubber air hose like what is connected to the petcock).

Pull the brake lever in and while pulling in on the lever slowly open the bleeder valve on the caliper with the tube'll see air bubbles come out the other end of the tube in the cup full of brake fluid......DO NOT let go of the brake lever UNTIL you've closed the bleeder valve back up.....AFTER you've closed the bleeder valve THEN slowly let the brake lever go back out !

Do the above again and again: do this over and over until you see no more air bubbles coming out.

Keep an eye as well on the fluid level in the master cylinder...don't let the level go too low while doing this....if you need to add more fluid after squeezing the lever a few times then do so then bleed some more if you need to.

EDIT: I use a TALL clear glass not a cup and only fill the glass 1/2 full of fluid to begin with because the cup/glass will fill up quick with more fluid as you're bleeding the system
sweet,and very a glass better than a cup?

only pulling your leg rick.lmao

and what if you have twin rotors,left or right first?
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