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Refill Front Brake Line

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I have completely drained and cleaned my front brake line, caliper and MC and now wonder what the trick is to refill the entire line with brake fluid? After I put all the pieces back together, I filled the MC with fluid, squeezed the brake handle and nothing seems to happen. I have bled the brakes before without issue, but this is the first time I took the entire system apart, drained it and cleaned it all up.
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I use a method similar to Stitches. I hold my thumb and forefinger over the end of the brake line and start squeezing the brake lever to build up pressure. Once you have enough pressure to move your fingers, let the air out and start over. Eventually you will get brake fluid through. Unless you have other problems of course. After you get brake fluid, connect the line to the caliper and bleed the line.
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