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Refill Front Brake Line

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I have completely drained and cleaned my front brake line, caliper and MC and now wonder what the trick is to refill the entire line with brake fluid? After I put all the pieces back together, I filled the MC with fluid, squeezed the brake handle and nothing seems to happen. I have bled the brakes before without issue, but this is the first time I took the entire system apart, drained it and cleaned it all up.
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I did the same thing but I think when I cleaned it I more like loosened debris that clogged it even more. I removed it to try and give it another go but realized that the container was cracked because of the cleaner I used I guess. I'm gonna get a replacement from a different bike. I've read on here someone recently replaced their failed one with a kawa ninja one, might do that one. There is 2 little holes under the container you're supposed to clean with a guitar string or something of that sort because it gets clogged or so I have read, you might want to give that a try. When I was trying to fill the brake line again I would get bubbles when I would press the lever and no fluid would be moving down.
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