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Hey there,

This is probably a question that has already been asked. Sorry for that.

I have installed a shorter and lower handlebar and now the problema is: it hits the tank.

It is intended to Paint the tank anyway, but before I would like to decrease the angle that the forks/front Wheel can rotate.

I remember having seen a custom made piece of metal (dont know where) from a café racer built, where this small piece welded to the front tops was decreasing the angle in a very effective way.

Could someone help with this?

Much appreciated ;) Greetings from Spain!

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If the bar hits the tank it is likely that your thumb will also hit the tank.

This is called entrapment here and is a roadworthy fail.

How much are the bars contacting the tank? Is it happening on both sides?

I made a little more clearance on my thingy by drilling the stops and installing adjustable grub screws. These were loctited once their positions were found. I think I only needed to do one side.
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