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I have a BMW and a Honda and BMW do use brown for earth

so the guy may well be right.

Any idea what model?

It didnt come off a k series as they use proper alternators

I'd say its probably for an R series

the snag is if its an aftermarket one the colours may not be the

same as BMW use and may have been pin accurate instead

Its easy to check luckily

I'd get a digital meter with a diode tester and put the red meter lead on the earth

( brown or green?)

and see if it gives beeps and gives a reading of about 0.6v when you put the black lead on any of the yellow phase leads.

test the red wire from the RR in the opposite way to confirm its an output.

The sense wire ( brown or green?) wont give you any reading
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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