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Rear to Front Ratio

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Rear to Front Ratio ?

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This should be interesting....I've had the cheap Kendras. Have averaged 4k miles on the 2 rears I've had so far so the front has 8k on it and looks like it is still ok.
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The combo I always recommend has both tires basically wear out at the same time and gives 14-28K per set of tires with rubber left on them when changed. One friend had over 20K on them.

Also, there is no tire squirm on grooved pavement and very little on cheese grater bridges.


Lasertech - V on the front

ME88 or 880 - H on the rear

The 88 is for the '78s and the 880 is for all the rest.

Maybe someone who I recommended these tires to will throw in their two cents.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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