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rear break throw

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So now that I have had a break in the weather and was able to go for a quick spin. I have discovered that the throw on my rear break is way too much. It takes a good two to three inches before it even engages. I have tightened the spring in the back down as far as I can and it seems to help. Anyone know of any other method to shorten the throw? PS it was fine till the break peddle fell of because the bolt fell out. (I have since invested in lock-tide.)

(PS she runs like a top! and I love my new grips so far)
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You will have to rotate the brake pedal on its shaft a spline or two. Not a big deal, loosen the nut on the rear drum almost all the way, then remove the brake pedal completely from the right side. Use something to push on the rear drum lever until it just begins to catch. Then hold it there with a helper or brace and slide the pedal on just slightly below the upwards stopping point. Tighten the pinch bolt on the lever, and remove the brace. Now adjust the rear nut until it feels good to you. I like to have about a half inch of travel on the lever before the brake starts coming on.

This, but you don't need a helper if you remove the foot peg. just set the pedal on the splines at 1 oclock or so, push down on it and hold it while you put the foot peg back on. This preloads the big spring. It might take a couple shots to get it right, but it's very easy to do.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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