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rear break throw

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So now that I have had a break in the weather and was able to go for a quick spin. I have discovered that the throw on my rear break is way too much. It takes a good two to three inches before it even engages. I have tightened the spring in the back down as far as I can and it seems to help. Anyone know of any other method to shorten the throw? PS it was fine till the break peddle fell of because the bolt fell out. (I have since invested in lock-tide.)

(PS she runs like a top! and I love my new grips so far)
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Seems like a million miles and I've got to have them. On the dirt it's rare you want to lose rear tire power but there are times where instinct prefers to put more on the rear lest you lose the front you're steering with.

A good rider, street or dirt, learns to take advantage of all they've got. On the street my front and rear come on at nearly the same time, front first of course as it lessens the possibilty of the rear coming too much into the equation. Here again is another situation where you just need to find some open places to practice in. Most of these bikes are underbraked to begin with thus learning what amount the rear can help when you need it is a priority.
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