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Rear Brake Squeal

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The rear brakes on my 81" Custom squeal a bit. I have plenty of material left on the brake shoes. Anybody have this problem ?
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Bumping this so I don't need to make another thread!

About two weeks ago I removed the wheel myself to get a nail pulled, and have the tire patched. The only previous times it had been removed was with the help of my moto-guru uncle. This time, I removed the wheel with the help of my non-skilled moto-illiterate father, and brought it to a tire shop. I'm unsure of how they mounted it, all I know is that they weren't allowed to balance it. I also put it back on myself and with my father. After putting the wheel back on I noticed that my ride was a lot less bumpy, but using the rear brake would elicit a rather loud and annoying squeal. It feels "different" especially in terms of adjustments, but not necessarily "weaker." Just kind of an odd feel. I can use it at higher speeds without hearing it if I push down enough, though low speeds it's unavoidable, and if I'm dragging the rear in a parking lot or something, it's like everyone in the entire parking lot stops to look at the horrid noise!

Seems like it gets better as I ride, but once I let the bike sit for a bit, it'll come right back full force. Especially overnight.

So, I know that the only real way to troubleshoot will be to take the rear wheel off again of course, but before I do that, I'm wondering what the minds of the forums think could have caused it. Obviously I screwed up somewhere, but where? It seems like I did everything that needed to be done, except for adding grease (already was plenty there. And of course I mean only where grease is supposed to go, I didn't grease my shoes lol) and maybe cleaning out the drum, though looking at it it seemed fine. Or maybe I installed something incorrectly, since I didn't have someone with skill overlooking what I was doing.

Thoughts are appreciated.
See less See more seems like the bike handled better ever since it started squeaking though! Though I definitely will do that trick Shep, especially since I just won a '78 Standard wheel on eBay...though then again, it may be a bit till I can afford the tire haha.

I'm thinking maybe it wasn't aligned properly to begin with, and the shoes wore into being a bit off alignment...then after being aligned either correctly or differently, they're being rubbed on at a different angle or something.
I have yet to try any of the suggestions in this thread, but came across something interesting:

In the service manual it states to torque the rear axle nut to 40-47 ft lbs on several pages. However, on page 14-8 it states to only tighten it to 22-29 ft lbs. I was going by this when installing the rear wheel, and that's how much I torqued it.

Maybe this is the problem? Is it possible that I undertorqued it?
So, Shep, is your suggestion of loosening those 3 bolts on the final drive and tightening them back up AFTER reinstalling the rear wheel and buttoning it down have anything to do with rear brake squeal, or was that in reference to something else?

I think that it's supposed to help align the wheel and prevent rear brake squeal and whatnot.
I've noticed with mine that around the same time it started, I could never get the adjustment right. Where it is now has a about half to one inch worth of play more than what I like. But if I turn the nut one click up, even though the pedal feels fine, and I don't hear any squeaking when going down the road, if I spin the wheel when on the centerstand I notice that the wheel is dragging. The wheel also will get super hot, and I determined that it was the reason why my gas mileage went down about 4 MPG.

Maybe I glazed it by having it too tight or something, and now I can't fix it.

Though when I had glazed shoes before they only made a "creaking" noise. That's why I bought these new shoes, and they have the "castrating pig" noise but only at lower speeds. Once I switch my new wheel on I'm going to double check everything and sand everything down as well. These new shoes never squeaked or creaked until removing the wheel to get my tire patched.

But I also realized that it was pouring down rain when I did it. I covered everything on the bike with a plastic bag, and everything else I brought inside...but maybe some water splashed up or something.

Either way, the new wheel will determine what happens.
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Awesome! When I put on my standard wheel, I'll be sure to do the "old Swedish" trick then. What an awesome name for a trick

I'm also going to get the drum turned, and probably sand my shoes too since it's going to a different drum and everything.
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