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Rear Brake Squeal

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The rear brakes on my 81" Custom squeal a bit. I have plenty of material left on the brake shoes. Anybody have this problem ?
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I called myself cleaning the brake drum when I bought a set of wheels second hand. I had to remove the rear wheel today and found I didn't clean it very well. Still a bit of rust. I'll get to that since I have the wheel off.

By the way. The second hand set of wheels I acquired had rubber on them. The front had good tread but was a bit cracked and dry rotted. It got replaced. The rear was fine except that I had to air it up every time I wanted to work on it or test ride it. I broke the tire loose from the rim last summer and gave it a good cleaning while on the bike. Wrong. Didn't work well and still had a slow leak around the rim.

I got the tire off today and found at sometime, somebody had "fix a flat" or something like it in a previous tire. They replaced the tire and didn't clean the rim. There wasn't much on the rim but man was it sticky. I had to use lacquer thinner and a brown pad to get that stuff off. It took over an hour cause it rolls up like chewing gum. I cleaned up the bead of the tire, reinstalled, and now no leaky.

However, now I noticed a big O ring that is in three pieces or so. I can't find the other missing pieces. Anybody know what size that O ring is ? It goes in the groove that is around the splines that connect to the wheel.
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I found a pack of O-rings at the auto parts store. One of them fit somewhat. Not what I would like but think it will seal OK. At least til I get the proper one.

I lightly sanded the rear brake drum til it was nice and shiney. The squeak is gone.

Thanks guys for the help.
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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