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Rear Brake Squeal

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The rear brakes on my 81" Custom squeal a bit. I have plenty of material left on the brake shoes. Anybody have this problem ?
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I have the exact problem as Cramer. Last year I took the wheel off and they put a new tire on it. While it was off I cleaned the brake drum and installed new Pads. It started squeeking right away, but figured it would stop after the pads broke in. Well, this year I just ran it around the block, and it sounds like a pig getting an electric ennima. Once I have ridden a bit it goes away, but when its cold I really makes a racket, so much I use only the front brake until I have ridden a bit. At higher speeds... anything over about 30MPH it is fine ... feels good and works well .... but at low stopping speeds (like at stop lights it starts again.

I would assume its probabaly a matter of cleaning the thing again, only it happened from day one with the new pads. I removed all rust and had a nice shiny drum, which I then cleaned with acetone to remove all traces of dirt and grease. Anyway, until I can get a chance to pop it off and clean it again, maybe some one can point me in the right direction
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Thanks Shep, going to give that a try. Figure I will pull off the back wheel and clean it again (and see how the pads are doing), then will try your idea :)
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