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Rear Brake Problem CX500

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So I just got my first bike, and I guess by dumb luck I have picked a very nice reliable bike. Took it for a spin and it rode really nice, and it came with a certificate of safety, but after a couple of days driving it, now it has this really weird quirk with the rear brake. The best way I can explain it is it feels very similar to when you’re driving a car with a stick and try to put it into gear without using the clutch. A very rapid grinding sound. You feel it in the pedal, and you can hear it. Sounds like you don't know how to shift the bike and everyone turns their heads. Doesn't happen every time I use the rear brake, and I can apply the brake things will be fine, but as I down shift then it will start to grind. As for my brake pads, I am pretty sure they are done, for the nut has been tightened all the way down and the spring is totally compressed. I took it to this motorcycle shop that's been around for a long time and the old guy there thinks it maybe more than just a need for new pads, and told me to open up the drum to find out what is exactly wrong. I am hoping before I do that someone may have experienced a very similar problem and can steer me in the right direction. Thanks for any info you can provide. 1979 CX500.
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If your adjuster nut has fully compressed the spring, your rear shoes are done, and you are likely hearing some metal to metal inside the drum. This needs service at once, and hope you have not done any serious damage in there.
Put your bike on the center stand and rotate the rear wheel slowly and listen to the differential. Do this in both forward and reverse, listen for the grinding sound. I would also change the differential fluid and check for metal in the oil. Just a thought, perhaps it's not the rear brake at all?

Cheers, 50gary
I wonder if maybe the drive gear on the wheel may be worn out. If it does not happen until you down shift it may not be the brake. I would remove the wheel and have a look,,fairly easy to do.
Well I took apart the rear brake, cleaned up the residue, sanded the glaze off the shoes, and put some grease on the brake cam. Put it all back together and the brake is working fine, and not a peep from it. Thanks for the info.
When you put it back together, is the adjuster spring still completely compressed? If the shoes are still good, then you might need to put the actuator arm on a couple notches the other way to allow for more adjustment later.
No the shoes are pretty much done, just still using it until the new ones come in from being on order.
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