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Rear Brake Light Switch...

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well went out to work on the starter, ended up cleaning the shop and working out a few smaller items. I disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt the rear brake switch--she works just fine now. With everything electrical added a liberal amount of dielectric grease. Found several bulbs that were burned out one of which was the Oil Pressure Lamp, Turn signal dash lamp was out too...

Brake Switch cleaning

1) First slackened up the spring by loosening the 17mm ferrule.

2) removed the spring, and switch assembly which was rusted solid.

3) I used two Dental picks to gently persuade the wire harness end to open up and let the mechanical parts free.

4) bench grinder & a wire wheel cleaned up the main shaft, spring, washer, and brass contacts on the internal switch shuttle

5) added an appropriate sized O-ring to replace some felt that was below the washer.

6) packed the spring and black housing full of dielectric grease.

7) cleaned the wire stabs/switch contactors with 0000 steel wool.

8) reassembled & retensioned the switch rescuing what a solidly rusted and immobile switch from a certain trip to the dump.
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If the rear brake switch gives out there are some cheap universal ones that you can use,

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