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re-wiring my bike

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I posted this in the tech help forum before i even realized there was a forum for custom/mod topics, i think it probably belongs here instead...(pasting the text)

okay, first off, since i still haven't changed my signature, i have an '81, down to business. i'm turning this bike into a custom something or other (most likely café racer) and i want to dramatically reduce the stuff on this bike, including the wiring. what i want to do is dump the ignition switch and key, and use a switch with push start set-up, that is, have a switch that turns on all systems and doubles as a kill switch, with a push button start to activate the ignition process. i'd like to keep brake lights and turn signals, and i can go either way on the high beam, though it'd be nice to have, just in case i want to take my handy to spotlight for deer in the field. i just finished browsing all 14 pages of the tech forum and have seen some useful info in the form of wiring diagrams (which i've downloaded and will definitely use), but what i'm looking for now is any advice from anyone who has done this in the past. i mean, i am fully prepared to spend a few days and brain cells tracing wires and trial-and-error testing, but if there's anyone who knows what's up already i'd appreciate the info. is it even possible to do this with the cdi/stator system? i'm not an expert on bike wiring, so anything i do at this point is pretty much shooting in the dark. any ideas? i guess my main area of concern is condensing everything the ignition switch does into a single on/off switch...but given my limited knowledge in this area, i may well be vastly understating the challenge ahead.


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Your key switch, is just an overkill on off switch. all the major electrical loads are handled by relays and solenoids. I have yet to tear into my cx harness, but bike wiring is pretty simple in general. the best advice I can give for putting your harness on a diet is to study each electrical system individually and get a full understanding on why it is there and how it works with the rest of the bike's electrical system.
Welcome to the forum, SVR. Please take a few minutes to edit your profile to show your location and to edit your signature to show your bike's year and model.

Your advice regarding studying the wiring is spot on, IMO. There is no real substitute for understanding how something works before trying to modify it. Otherwise it comes down to groping along and hoping to get lucky, with frustration almost guaranteed.

The wiring is pretty simple on these bikes and schematics can be found in several locations. My personal preference is the wiring diagram in the Honda factory service manual for the bike under consideration.

In its stock configuration there are only two relays on the bike - the starter relay and the turn signal flasher relay.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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