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The only type of crazy I'd accept as help in a situation as hopeless as this seemed to me at the start. He's exactly what I needed to help jump start my love for this bike again. What made me fall in love with it in the first place.

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Larry, you are crazy for doing all this for someone else, but as my grandmother would say, you are a good egg.
If I'm crazy for what I do in helping the CX new community members that join in to get help, then "crazy" I am! But this is what we should be here for in the long run. Not just typing out advice and links, but being willing to take on a members learning needs with their lack of knowledge of just how to make things work and function properly. MANY of this forums members have stepped up to the plate and helped many new members first hand that needed help over the years and had them come to them or gone to them to help fix and figure out issues. That's one of the reasons this is by far the best MC forum on the internet.
Back in around 2004 or so I joined this forum, that was several additions ago. I was working on the very first CX500, 78, that was given to me in trade for work I did on other bikes for the previous owner that I worked with at my day job. The forum was small with about 500 or so members if I remember correctly. It was painfully obvious that if you weren't part of the OG group, you weren't going to get much help or attention to any of your questions or suggestions. Over the years as a member I can recall a new members questions that didn't know what to do, being bashed with comments that were negative. I always posted a reminder to those types of post to remind everyone that we "ALL" started off not knowing a damned thing about what we were just learning (me included) about these bikes and to be more helpful to those new members in need instead of belittling them. Slowly but surely the tone of the forum changed over time. Not just because of my statements mind you. It was due to the collective of the members and the popularity that the CX/GL bikes were gaining through the restoration and Cafe conversion interest that brought members to the helping tables. Because of all the OG members that know what they are doing, and all the new members over all these years, we have over 32K members and 556K different posts. There's got to be a reason why it's grown this large! It's because we help others in the world to keep these bikes running and at the top of the worlds interest!!!
A point I'd like to make about helping someone with an issue. A member named Allen posted about a question concerning something called a low jet in his carbs years ago. Since I had a couple sets of Ebay carbs on the shelf that didn't help my running issues, I decided to see what I could do to get the low jets out and figure out how to clean them. With that success it was suggested that I write a book on how to rebuild these carbs to fix the issues. Ya right, I knew nothing about writing a book. BUT, with the help from the late David Wiener, and Don, Blindstich, I succeed to what you have all known as the reference book for rebuilding the CX/GL carbs. This could not have been done without the gathered interest and help of this fine upstanding community that we now call the and helping each other.
So, if helping Corie and Rosie get back on the road to enjoy each other and not give up, and, showing Corie along the way what the problems were with her bike and how to fix them is "Crazy", then yes I am! We should ALL be crazy!!!!

I'm off my podium now. Sorry for the rant!

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Without stating the obvious...this is looking more like a "full resto" rather than just getting it going....Ms Crowe is fortunate to have this assistance from LRCXed

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My fondness memories since joining have been meeting a new forum member and helping him bring his CX back from near death. We have become good friends over the last few years as well. Not that my work or assistance will ever meet Larry's work!

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What a great tutorial on bringing a well worn and poorly maintained twisted twin back for another 20 years! And making it clear it can be done. LadyCrowe unwittingly provided the perfect case study for all of us to benefit from. Larry's writing and pics make the thread entertaining as well as educational, a real "must follow". (y) (y) (y)

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Yesterday ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it should, but there was a lot done and the bike is looking proper again.

I started out looking to find a replacement ignition assembly. After finding one that I really didn't like, I called a local locksmith and they were able to cut 2 new keys for Rosie's original switch. This saved a lot of time since I would have had to re key the helmet lock. With the new keys done I took the contact assembly off, cleaned it up and lubed everything so it turns nice and smooth now.

Before I put that back in the bike I still needed to clean and service the left side controls and lube the clutch cable. The controls were pretty rough. So I'm glad I took it apart to service it.

While assembling it I realized someone had removed the plastic shield that goes over the turn signal contacts. So I dug one out and put it in place.

I also had to replace the 2 screws that clamp the two halves together. They had been replaced with countersunk screws that just barely caught the threads.

With the controls done it was time to put the gauges back on. But the mount they bolt to had to get the rust blasted off and repaint it. While it dried I got the ignition installed and cleaned off the dirt on all the wiring. The soft rubber cushion rings that the gauges sit in were pretty dried out and shrunken. That allows the gauge to sit lower in the housing.
This was with the nut and washer tightened down all the way. As you can see, the gauges would have rattled around quit a bit.

I could have cut the spacers shorter to fix this, but I chose a much easier method. I have a sheet of 1/8" rubber that I stamped out some spacers to add and take up the slack.
This was not tightened down yet. It's just to show the rubber spacer went behind the original collar.

All tightened up and no more slop.

Everything is now mounted up securely and ready for the headlight to go back on.

And there you have it. Front end all back together and working properly.

As usual, I couldn't leave things alone. So I polished the fuse panel cover too. I also found 2 of the clamp bolts for the handle bars wasn't all that tight. It is now, but I'm waiting to put the plastic screw caps back on until after I ride it a bit.

That's it for this update. I'm going to get the tuning finally done later today. But I have a couple household chores to care of first. Maybe I'll have time to take a look at the tank and see if it'll clean up. OK, see you on the next update.

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Second Update for today.
I did some more tuning and balancing on the carbs after the motor was up to temp. I also topped off the coolant and adjusted the bars and controls angle. I was going to try to clean up the paint on the tank, but decided not to yet. One thing I did find that I wasn't impressed with is the aftermarket fuel petcock. After checking the screen in the sediment bowl to see if it needed cleaning, which it did not, I put a cup under the hose and opened the lever. I wasn't impressed with the fuel flow at all. Even the barb for the fuel hose needed a rubber bushing that must have come with it when it was bought and put on by a previous owner just to fit a 1/4" hose. And yes, I put clamps on it this time.

As you can see, it's barely trickling fuel. It might be OK for around town riding. But I think it'll struggle to keep up with the fuel demand at consistent high RPM highway speeds. But I'll find that out soon enough.

OK, I've stretched this update out long enough. But when I put the tank back on I realized the rear tank mount rubber was never there. So I pulled one off my sons CX-c and finished putting the tank on. Oh yes, I had to clean the mirrors and put them on too. Am I dragging this out again! :p Yes, then came the seat, even though the new OEM seat cover has not arrived yet. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this by now!

Yes, I took Rosie out for a ride! I started off slow and tested the brakes and the throttle response and it all seemed OK, but the rear brakes will need to be broken in and set before they are up to par. It's 101 degrees out today, so I was going to make this a short ride. But the more I rode it, the farther I went. Even though I was just in the neighborhood, there were a couple straight stretches to open it up. On the last one before returning home I did a some 9K RPM shifts and got her up to 80 MPH pretty quickly. I was very impressed with how hard she had pulled. Yes, I was speeding in a 40 MPH zone! BUT I HAD TO KNOW!!!

This is just after I got back and put her back on the lift. And testing both exhaust temp with an IR temp gun, they were both the same. I'll take it out early tomorrow for a longer ride and then retest the cylinder leak down test to see if the right cylinder gets any better. I really hope it does. But for tonight, she sits there in her fully running glory!

Only 2.8 miles, but it was a fun 2.8!

Were getting there Corie!

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OK, here's a quick update.
I did another cold leak down test on the right cylinder and it was down from 22 to 18%. Warmed up the motor and it was down to 12%. So riding it the 2.8 miles has already started loosening up the rings.

But, the 2.8 miles also showed one more leak. The cam chain bolts O-ring is leaking pretty bad already. To guess what I'm going to do, see my signature line!
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That's true, but at least I've done a couple times before. I had not started yet when I last posted.

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While taking the rear cover off it was evident that someone had been in there before. There was gray silicon on the gasket for the pulsar cover. This sort of explains why the adjuster O-ring was leaking. They probably didn't replace it or even lube it when the put it back together. But whoever did it, did a good job other than that.

The inside of the motor is really clean and rust free. Even the coolant collars came right out and had no rust. When I drained the coolant, it was really thick like it was straight coolant and no water. But the radiator and coolant passages are really clean.


The cam chain seems to have lots of life left in it too. But I'll be pulling everything out for a better inspection. Including the starter clutch condition.

There has been VERY little cam chain slapping on the crank carrier bolt. Well maintained on what appears to be a low miles motor.

When I inspected the rear cam shaft oil seal, it looked OK.

But when I wiped it off with a rag, the inner spring that holds the seal tight had come apart and caught on the rag pulling the end out. I was going to replace this anyway, but this was a first for me.

It's now time to start cleaning the old gaskets off and get it fully inspected. I'll do a bit of it tonight, but am done pushing hard for today. I'll be back tomorrow I'm sure with another update.

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With the new keys done I took the contact assembly off, cleaned it up and lubed everything so it turns nice and smooth now.
What type of lube do you use for this?
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