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rat rod cx

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tell me what you think[attachment=1491:iphonenew 523.JPG]
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[attachment=1492:iphonenew 195.JPG]

[/quote]seat pan
im having a hard time with these pics sorry
Did you make the seat pan?

No I ordered it off eBay it was like 50.00 really nice made
Thanks it is handmade though
I'm getting ready to shorten the kick stand lol I just haven't done it yet! I've done a lot to it though it might not look like it. Electric fan conversation and the ing cdi box I ordered from cobrom are just the resent things I've done it runs great rides great I love it
Ok that's your version of a rat I chose to make mine look better!!
[attachment=1512:7311 079.JPG]


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[attachment=1514:7311 078.JPG]
that looks killer. can you get a picture on the left side. i wanna see how you made the suicide shifter and foot clutch.

edit. i saw the left side pic. is the shifter foot operated or do you have a plan to go with a foot clutch?

Well it's really just for looks I thought about making a hand clutch and making the shifter shaft thicker right now I made it out of extensions just cause I like that tool look
well here it is been done for a while just havent shared here it is

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Yea it started out as a rat but I changed it up yes it's more of a hotrod lol thanks for the complement
mine is red fuel line i didnt want to use glass but yes its a fuel sight tube works great
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