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radio wiring diagram

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hey guys ,just go a silverwing and it has the speakers and no radio,what wires are the power and earth in the left fairing pocket? i can find the speakers ny tracing them back.

also anyone know which pins are which on a car audio player?


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Welcome to the forum. Please take a few minutes to edit your signature to show your bike's year and model.

These fairing connections can be used for power.

There are many different models of car audio players. Without knowing more about the specific one you intend to use it's impossible to identify the pins.
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These fairing connections can be used for power.

Thank you for posting this image--extremely helpful for my work today!
I put a marine stereo on my GL there was no real plug, just a red and black for power and ground.
I put a Sony Marine it came with a schematic and I ran a wire from the battery ,for the clock and a relay from a keyed hot wire in the fairing. It was to big to fit in the stock location so I put it the left side after I took out the pocket. Vehicle Gauge Motor vehicle Car Tachometer
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