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Quick Reference is Jacked Up

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If anyone notice the quick reference is all jacked up. Sheps hosting company fell off the map so anything that says global forum will be dead. I did a cache search on as many of the subjects that I know I created and had pictures for and put them here so it isn't a total loss.

I will do something down the road about cleaning things up.
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Well it happens. But if I built it in code as my own website it would be as simple as drag and drop. My current website takes about 30 seconds to go from nothing to done. Just more reason why I should throw it out there in code form and link in all the photos from my photobucket.
Because it would be 42 pages plus a home page. It would easily take me around 3 hours since it took 3 hours to rescue what I had and bring it into the google link. But if you're offering to help go find a free site for me to host it on.
As of a moment ago, the Global site is back up.

It's hard to explain but it never went down. It's like a book. If you open it up you will see the table of contents but if you click on anything in it you won't get any information.
Do you guys see pictures when you click on the link at the top of the page. Just making sure I'm not the only one that can see them.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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