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Quick Reference is Jacked Up

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If anyone notice the quick reference is all jacked up. Sheps hosting company fell off the map so anything that says global forum will be dead. I did a cache search on as many of the subjects that I know I created and had pictures for and put them here so it isn't a total loss.

I will do something down the road about cleaning things up.
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so let me get this right once the quick reference was pinned it went to hell in a hand basket damn i wonder would it all come back if we unpinned it?? lol but any ways that just sucks all that work you put into it a couple times over hey at least when its all done you will know how to do it like a pro
i dont think it would hurt any thing to do it so why isnt it done yet don
no thanks buddy i will let you take all credit on this one.......
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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