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So, I've been browsing the mess out of the web,and I can't find a clutch lever for my '78 CX500. I can find boat loads for the '79, just none for the '78. So my question is, will the clutch lever fitting the '79 fit the '78?
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Same lever.
If you can take your old one to a shop, and match it up - is the best solution. I had one that I had ordered online, and outwardly, it looked identical, but the diameter of the hold that the bolt goes through was too small. It was clearly written as for "cx500" - maybe it missed a step in the manufacture process - who knows.
Yea, if you get one from a shop you save the shipping, or TAS will have an exact one and their shipping is free on small items. Thickness doesn't have to be exact on this one but I'll bet the original was made from 0.050 (1.25mm) gasket material.

Don't try to get cute and use gasket sealer or "Form A Gasket" anywhere on this engine, that stuff is only use usable in certain automotive areas as it deteriorates over time, especially if exposed to oil &/or fuel.
Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. I'm not in a super big hurry to get one because mine is still usable, it's just broken where the ball should be. Not a big deal, just an eye sore to me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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