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question on a front fairing

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Ok maybe someone here will be able to help. I have a 80 cx500, does anyone know if possibly a 78 or 79 fairing from a silver wing fit my bike? Thanks for the help payed forward... and thanks to all who helped with the carb issue will be rebuilding them soon I hate to take her apart while we having such great weather....
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Cool thanks Timk that sounds like a plan still havent got all the info on the fairing yet its this guys dads so we will see where it goes in meantime i will be hunting down a mount for the cx to start with
Thanks TimK that info is valuable, gonna see what this other offer has in store but its nice to know as long as i have a mount that fits my bike i can use differents vetter fairings on it . thanks again
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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