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question on a front fairing

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Ok maybe someone here will be able to help. I have a 80 cx500, does anyone know if possibly a 78 or 79 fairing from a silver wing fit my bike? Thanks for the help payed forward... and thanks to all who helped with the carb issue will be rebuilding them soon I hate to take her apart while we having such great weather....
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the silverwings were in 81 - 83...

if equiped, they usually had a hondaline fairing... (these fairings were also used on goldwings)

those mounts were made model specific, so you would have to modify them to fit a CX. or just fab a new mount.

there are many vetter mounts for cx's... If someone has a decient vetter mount, get it.

you can then put any really nice vetter I, II, III, IV, SS fairing from any bike on it
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Just post a wanted ad in the classifieds here for the mount, there's probably an extra somewhere here cheap plus a little shipping

then search craigslist for a good fairing... take your time.

Just in case, a new clear screen can be had from jc whitney for both the vetter and hondaline.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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