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Putting her away for the winter

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When I took my safety course and the instructor was putting the bikes away for nearly a week, he had us shut down like normal (which means shutting off the fuel too) and then he ran them until they quit. We are getting to put Chaos away for the winter, add sta-bil etc. So according to the significant other, we're topping off the gas, adding the sta-bil, running it for a few minutes and shutting her down for the season. After shutting off the fuel, should I run it again til it stops, or will it not matter?
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Yeah that dirty weatherman said snow so I packed it away too. I'm not done though. My neighbor being the nice guy he is gave me a controller to his garage and said have at it anytime. It's not big so I scooted my bike into the corner this morning and he saw me as I was finishing up. He just said don't worry because there's tons of room around my bike so I can pull it out and work on it anytime. So when I got home from work I pulled it out from the wall area so now I can walk around it.

If it weren't for work tomorrow depending on the snow I would probably pull it out. Hopefully I can catch some miles sunday.

If the snow gets to be to much I'll got the rest of the way and run the bike till the carbs are dry.
Don't use the yellow snow.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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