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Putting her away for the winter

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When I took my safety course and the instructor was putting the bikes away for nearly a week, he had us shut down like normal (which means shutting off the fuel too) and then he ran them until they quit. We are getting to put Chaos away for the winter, add sta-bil etc. So according to the significant other, we're topping off the gas, adding the sta-bil, running it for a few minutes and shutting her down for the season. After shutting off the fuel, should I run it again til it stops, or will it not matter?
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There are as many opinions on this as there are on oil, but this is what I did with mine.  I bought the marine Stabil (blue stuff, not the red) and put that in the full tank and ran it for a bit.  Then I sprayed some fogging oil into the intake as it was running (as per instructions on the bottle) and ran the bike with the fuel off until it quit.  Once it quit I opened the carb drain screws just to make sure there wasn't anything left in them.  For a couple or 3-4 months of storage that's probably enough, but my headers are beat and need a new paint job so I took them off and sprayed fogging oil into the heads and also into the Hbox and ends of the mufflers.  Then I soaked a few old socks in the oil and plugged up the heads and exhaust to keep any critters out while its in the shed.  I might end up just draining the tank and bringing it inside for the season as I might repaint.  Oh, and I changed the oil before I did all this and will probably change it again before I start riding it again.

EDIT: also forgot I removed the battery and put it on a smart charger.  I'm leaving the coolant in over winter and next spring I'll flush the system and put new coolant in.
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