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i have discounted the adapter by 10 percent for forum members and allowed for combined shipping to save a bit of Money

use this button to select the number of adapters you want and purchase that way you dont have to go thru the website or use a discount code

1 Adapter ($14.40)

2 Adapters ($28.80)

3 Adapters ($43.20)

The buttons above are only set up for U.S. shipping rates.

Please don't click unless you're in the U.S.

If your honda has the cartridge oil filter this will fit it

Twisted Twins all Models all years 400s 500s 650s cx gl and Euro


1. Clean and inspect adapter for any debris. Clean if needed by blowing off debris with air and spraying with brake cleaner.

2. Drain oil and remove old Honda cartridge.

3. Clean and wipe engine oil filter area.

4. Thread adapter with 4 holes facing outward into the front cover.

5. Snug up the adaptor using a small screwdriver through the 4 holes on the end of the adaptor. When it is snug enough, the collar will be all the way into the engine. DO NOT over tighten. It is not needed.

6. Lubricate the oil filter base gasket with clean engine oil.

7. Spin on the new oil filter till it seats. Snug up a half a turn. Clean and wipe off any drips.

8. Fill engine with oil to the mark.

9. Start motor and run at idle while checking for any leaks. Snug filter if needed.

10. Check oil level and top up as needed with the larger filter .

The adapter is compatible with the following (or equivalent):

AC Delco PF2232

Baldwin BF1441

Fram PH 9100

Luberfiner LFP 2999

STP S9100

Royal Purple 30-2999

K&N HP-3003

Mobil1 M1-303

Wix 57202

While there are many filters that will go on the base and different lengths the above filters are ones I have verified with the manufacturer to be correct.

Make sure the filter you use is of a good quality and HAS A OIL FILTER BYPASS built in

Do not believe what is printed on the net the information is out of date there have been recent changes so

Check with the manufacturer of your choice

The filters can be pre-painted in your choice of color prior to installation.

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