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Has anyone done or know of a propane conversion to one of ours or a different species of bike? Besides an ugly tank was wondering how or if this would work and has been done.
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I've had several experiences with propane and gas engines. When I want to start a lawn mower or snow blower, propane directly into the carb will allow the engine to start and run with no need for gasoline at all.

Down in Tennessee I saw the most remarkable natural gas practical application. A V-8 car engine was mounted on a skid with the fan belt connected to a high volume compressor (rather than the power steering). There was no gas tank at all. The air cleaner was removed and right in the four barrel carb was placed an outdoor spigot held in place with soft putty. Natural gas coming right out of the well at ~80 psi was directed into the carb. The volume of gas was controlled by the spigot handle. The engine ran smoothly at about 1000 rpm powering the compressor. It ran for weeks on end.
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A friend of mine had a Chevy can that had a propane conversion. In the winter time he had to start it on gasoline and when it warmed up he switched to propane. He would also switch back to gasoline just before he shut the car off. I also know that the propane gas camping stoves do not work well at higher altitudes. I cannot imagine a propane powered ice auger that would be used in sub freezing temperatures. Maybe they have some secret to make it work. Billrod

Bill, that's quite interesting that your friend had to use gas to start the car. The Ford van I had was a total LPG. I recall one winter when a lot of gasoline vehicles had problems starting, that van would fire right up. There was a supply line from the twin tanks to a special pressure regulator that would adjust the flow of gas vapor through a large tube to the top of the OEM carb. It was all quite effective and never failed to run for me. Unless I ran the tanks dry!

Mins Man said:
I've overcome the problem of running out of LPG in my truck by carrying a BBQ gas bottle with me. All you have to do is turn it upside down and fix it higher than the carby, run a hose in the top of the carby, then turn the gas on.

I did the same thing. I bought a 40# bottle (twice as high at the bbq bottle) and would carry that with me. I had a piece of metal tubing with flair nuts and could turn the valve off on the built in tanks, connect the "reserve" tank up to the a fore mentioned manifold, and strap the tank on the front of the van. Just enough to get me to the only gas supplier close enough to me to be able to drive in their yard and sell me gas!
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Probably safer to go 200MPH+ on a TurboBusa than ride this one.
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A Pulse jet !!

Thats an option, they'd certainly hear you coming on that thing

and you wouldnt get any tailgaters either
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