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Has anyone done or know of a propane conversion to one of ours or a different species of bike? Besides an ugly tank was wondering how or if this would work and has been done.
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Google it and you will have your answers. Been attempted in many different ways.
That man has got talent and ingenuity. 300+ miles on 1 tank, and has the option of hooking up a BBQ for those roadside

cookouts when you get hungry on long rides. MMMMM fresh roadkill.
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When I first laid eyes on my CX650E it looked like it had been ridden hard and put away wet. No seat just the pan, no plastic body panels, dented rusty tank with no cap...

I stood staring at it with a frown on my face while the owner fiddled with a car battery and 1 LB. propane cylinder.

He hooked the battery up with one jumper cable, grounding the other terminal to the frame and hooked the propane tank to a valve and rubber hose, the end of which he poked into the air intake for the air cleaner.

On went the(propane) gas valve, cranking took about 10 seconds and it purred to life.

I was reaching for my wallet before I knew what I was doing

It WILL run for sure,just not sure how well.


Any pics of your ride Stan?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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