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Has anyone done or know of a propane conversion to one of ours or a different species of bike? Besides an ugly tank was wondering how or if this would work and has been done.
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The main benefit being less emissions. In Australia, LPG is readily available, you would be hard pressed to find a service station that doesn't sell it. Have toyed with the idea myself, as I have two cars that run on LPG, but the tank is always the problem. Have thought about 3 small cylinders in a triangle shape, two beside the back bone, and one siting on top, then cutting the bottom of the Deluxe tank off and fitting it over the top.

Some guys I know who have been running 12:1 compression ratio on LPG, are now having detonation problems, thanks to the greedy oil companies who have diluted the mix of LPG

They have had to install thicker head gaskets, in some cases. ..."greed is good" Gordon Gekko
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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