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I had posted a problem with my 82 CX awhile ago and received all kinds of good ideas, but none worked. So when I figured it out, I figured I should share since all I do is come here for help.

The problem was whenever it rained my bike would simply not run as good and go as far as to run downright crappy. But as soon as the rain quit the problem was gone. I even blasted it with a garden hose and couldn't replicate the problem. After dissasembling everything electrical I could think Of, I was down to the coils. On the 82cx and others, the coil wires can be removed by unscrewing a plastic cap on the wire. There is a compression seal around the wire under the cap. Apperently mine didn't seal well enough. I trimmed an 8th inch off the wires, cleaned the terminals on the coil, and put a nice bead of silicone around the rubber seal. After tightening the caps/wires back on to the coils and cleaned up the excess silicone that oozed out....that was it. I now can have ridden in the hardest down pours without issue. Not my favorite passtime, but now I'm not checking the forcast every time before heading out to the garage.

Thanks again,

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