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My solution to this same issue may have been coincidental. I felt like my RPM range was tighter; like 4000-5000. What seemed to resolve the issue for me was running MMO ( Marvelous Mystery Oil ) in a full tank of fuel.

Good luck in achieving resolution.

I'm also having this issue my problems are in the 4500rpm - 5500rpm range (below 4000rpm and above 6000rpm it runs well). It seems to happen more when the weather is warmer but I'm not sure. Blue Fox helped me clean my carbs (per Larry's book) at the beginning of spring. We put the old air cut-off valves back on even though they were questionable. I've replaced the old ACV with new ones but the new ones have stronger springs. This didn't seem to effect the issue. My problem seems to be intermittent but I can count on it happening every day. It seemed to me that there was either blockage of some port or mechanism in my carb or I just had something sticking in my carb. I've run two tanks of "Gunk" carb cleaner through the tank with very little improvement. I have been wondering about MMO I will give that a try ASAP.

I ride two and from work each day (5 miles one way).

Longhaul, Cramer, or anyone else do we have a definitive fix for this problem?
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