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Hey guys, I'm a little new to all this. So bear with me.

I've got a 78 CX500 that I'm slowly modding into a quasi-café racer. I finally got it together and mocked up my concept in Photoshop, so that I wasn't as blindly altering my bike. The concept is as follows.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive exhaust

My questions/concerns as as follows... I've been talking with a local powder coating business about doing a copper-finish on my rocker covers, exhaust shield/protectors and rear strut springs. They expressed concerns about the operating temperature of the rocker covers and exhaust protectors, saying that if the these parts get too hot that the powder coat finish could get tacky and easily marred. How hot do the rocker covers get? What about the exhaust shields? I see a lot of people powder coating their rocker covers but I don't see many of them commenting on the end result, or how it holds up. Has anyone ever had an issues with powder coating said parts?

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