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Looks like the current choice I have is the BigDog Bulldog. The fairing and bags look like they're quick on/off design so that's a plus. Small gas tank at 4.5 gallons.

* Rubber-Mounted EFI 111 c.i. Engine

* Incredible Sound System (Marine-Grade Alpine® Receiver)

* Locking Fiberglass Leak-Proof Saddlebags

* Passenger-Ready: Standard Floor Boards and Fast Back Seat

* Available Two-Up Seat and Sissy Bar System

* Complete Touring Capabilities

* 6-Speed BDM Balance Drive

* Nitrogen Gas Shocks

* 250mm Rear Tire and 21” Front

* Base MSRP (USD): $39,900

Has a sissy bar option which in my case isn't an option. It's needed. And drivers backrest.

Needs to be black. This orange one is not going to do.

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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