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If you want something to stand out buy an Indian 4cyl from the 30's or 40's they are going to be 5 $$$$$ or more but there is little to compare style wise.

If you are looking for more performance look for an MTT Y2K bike it will be a total show stopper when you roll in to the sound of a turbine and start melting pavement.

But if you want something that will be good last forever with a little sport to it and a have a great forum to help you along the way buy a CX500 or something good from a mom-and-pop bike shop from another American to spur the American economy with real "American" products!

You buy a new Harley they are half Chinese steel and the other half is steel from rusted then melted Classic American muscle cars. The Electronics are made in china with child labor and re-boxed here With the Label Made in America [from foreign components] I believe the Leather is made from Mexican cattle. But THE HD CHROME IS SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!!!!

OK i am done bitching and i am not sorry that I offended HarlyD and the Marlboro man

but if I bought Something American It would be pre-1960 and offbeat like A GLENN CURTISS LAND SPEED MOTORCYCLE
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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