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Polar Bear Ride 2022

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Its time to separate the real bikers from the wannabees again: The Polar Bear Ride

The rules are the same as they have been since I first posted them on this forum:
1) Participation in the CX500forum Polar Bear Ride is open to all registered CX500forum members.
2) Go for a ride of at least 1hr duration on either Dec. 31 2021 or Jan 1 2022 or both. (I usually head for somewhere that is at least a half hour from home, stop for a meal or to visit someone or something like that and then make sure I take more than half an hour to get back home).
3) Take one or more pics and post them in this thread.
4) Click the following link to Piper's Patches where you can order Polar Bear Run patches and year rockers (it looks like he has discontinued the pins)
Piper's Patches Canadian eBay store
Piper's Patches US eBay store

NOTE: In the event of a ban on unnecessary travel due to pandemic you can do the ride whenever the ban is lifted in your area.

Southern hemisphere note: Those of you in Australia might decide to call it the Thorny Devil Ride and those in South Africa perhaps the Springbok Ride but you would have to find your own sources of patches ;-)
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I'll be out on the Ural in the snow tomorrow as the tub precludes me from riding with the rubber side up, though it doesn't stop me from sliding into a ditch.
52 miles. I was home with my butt on the couch 30 minutes before the snow hit.
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That is my favorite bike I've seen today @Bikamper but I have to ask...why not paint the red fairing camo too? Or is that like a safety thing so drivers see it easier?
It's still red because I bought it used and I'm too lazy to paint it. OR, it's Christmas Themed. More likely the first reason, tho.
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