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Pod Air Filters to fit GL500

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Hi All, I'm new to the forum. I am building a street tracker using a 1982 GL500 .
I am struggling with fitting pod air filters as the gap between the carbs and the frame is fairly small . I have thought about trying to mould standard pod filters around the frame. Its a posh was of saying I was going to bend them out of shape to fit...!!! Has anyone used shallower filters or is there another workround to fix this problem.?

Many thanks in advance..
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I just had a look at the carbs from my 1982 GL500 Interstate. They are VB29B.
Many Thanks
You may find these pages useful

You may find these pages useful

Thanks for these links. The is a good site.
Either should work OK as it's chiefly the correct spacing required here.
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mine fit no problem, tucked in.
I'm changing the sear of my 1982 CX500 eurosport, I like the way you've mounted the seat, any chance you could post a picture of the frame to show the sear mount without the seat in place.
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NOTE: I inserted solid plugs, about 5 inches long, where the loop was welded to the frame, thus not needing gussets.


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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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