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please help- can anyone identify these wires and maybe guide me

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I recently have purchased a cx500 shitter. Although it looks horrible, The motor should run once I get everything squared away. upon buying the bike, I said fuc it I'm gonna figure out a different way to wire the bike. Then realizing oem wiring would be the easiest way... or at least I think so. Thing is in horrible condition, throttle, choke, brake lines all corroded out. fuel lines as well and the coolant bottles cracked. master cylinders locked up. I pretty much stripped this bike to its bare ass and now I'm fiending to give this thing a rip. I've thrown the carbs in the ultrasonic cleaner and cleaned it very well although the outside of them still look like shit. except the butterfly on one side gets stuck. And I'm almost certain it will leak fuel somewhere. Idk just throw me in a general direction so I don't have to look at this shitta like this for that long. here are the photos and i hope this forum will get somebody to reach out.
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Well, I don’t know your abilities or determination, and taking a lot of parts off the bike isn’t evidence of any one way or the other. It looks to be a ‘78, a “Standard” although that name wasn’t used officially in 1978 as there wasn’t any other models yet.
Under the radiator is a 17mm cap hiding a 17mm bolt attached the crankshaft, try turning it clockwise to determine if the engine will rotate. If you drain the oil save it for close inspection. Don’t throw away the spring and washer with the oil filter, save the filter and oil for closer inspection too. Look to buy a used wire harness, someone else may be able to tell you if other years and models are the same. You’re in for a big and likely costly project, only you can decide if that’s what you want. Folks here can be a great help if you take our individual idiosyncrasies with a grain of salt. Your coarse language won’t earn you any extra points here, just say’in. Good luck!
Thank you for the response. This was actually one I was looking for, although all the wiring helps too. I know I'm in for a costly project but these bikes always caught my eye and for 100$ I figured I would give it a shot. I'm in a powersports class so this will give me something to work on. I'll give the 17mm a go and inspect the oil and filter tomorrow. I almost thought about parting it out considering the gas tank it came with alone is worth more than what I paid for it, and putting that money towards something with less work, but I figured I was gonna do a custom to begin with so who knows. if the motor seems to be good then I'll get to wrenching and ordering parts.
I'm thinking its the throttle connecter piece, along with the seals in the carb throwing it off.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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