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While I didn't have any fancy dangly card, I saw another Custom in the m/c parking at work today that I'd never seen before. It was pretty rough around the edges, oil all over the left valve cover, seemingly wettest at the spark plug, that side of the lower engine was darkened by it. The front was turned left and locked, so I couldn't make out the year, but it probably was a 79 or 80. Had that brownish tank, and a really weird seat, half corbinish....hard to define. If there tomorrow I"ll snag a pic. Odo showed 42K or 45K, don't recall.

I left a scrawled note in the elastic webbing around a bunch of other crap on the luggage rack, pointing him here, and my handle and name.

So far at work, there are now four guys that own CX's, one 82 CB450E, and an 82V65Sabre (pristine!!! over 100K). This one is the only other CX that I have seen. The other guys don't ride them to work, although I have mentioned this board. Have yet to see them here. Was fun that he parked right next to my gem.....made his look really sick. *puffs out chest*

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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