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My resto project 82GL was fairly easy to get running. Rebuilt/cleaned the carbs, threw in a new battery, air filter and spark plugs and away she goes.

Although I don't have the tools to check I had a sneaking suspicion it may not have been getting good pressure and possibly leakdown problems (or whatever the terminology is).

I've heard of marvel mystery oil, so I did some research and it seemed like a good enough idea. Buddy of mine gave me the rest of his from a project and sealed the deal.

So I added some to each cylinder after warming it up, loosely put the plugs back in, and allowed it to sit for a day or so.

Came back today and the right cylinder seemed normal, so I just did the best I could to remove the excess oil.

The left cylinder however was bone dry. I distinctly remember putting oil in it, looking into the cylinder with a light and noticing how much oil was there before putting in the spark plug. Today though, no marvel oil, it's a mystery ;)

So my immediate thought is I have a bad piston ring that allowed the oil to drain into the engine. Unfortunate conclusion... top end rebuild.

Also the carbs were left off, and boots loose, by the PO, it was under a porch but it seems moisture got into the intake. I think this because of the surface rust on the intake valves (not the same story for exhaust valves).



Anyways, I don't have any experience with this bike running how it's supposed to from the factory or a more seasoned mechanic. It seemed to be running well, but I have no reference, and this seems like a large problem.

Sorry for the long winded post, thank you for any advice.


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