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It should work fine but some tips.

Always be patient and wire brush off any loose rust to give it a fighting change.

Use gravity if possible e.g support a part so whatever fluid you use can,"Sit In" a joint and not fall out even if it's a fine joint and wait.

Use plenty of directional heat.

I bought one of these while ago dead cheap high heat source.Not expensive but couldn't be without it now,

no you can't weld or braze with it but you can silver solder but it's directional heat makes it superb for hitting seized nuts and bolts without heating up the surrounding area.

Tip:when trying to unfreeze bolts apply above solution with a small pencil brush after a wire brushing,heat well and the tighten the bolt 1st just a little to crack the seal.Then undo a little,tighten,undo,tighten all little by little with loads of WD type spray.This lessens the chance of the old bolts/nuts sheering by trying to get them out with big movements.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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