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Parts for Sale from 1980 CX500 D

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Have the parts shown in the image attached for sale, shipping is NOT included and I'll simply add that to the total cost of your purchase.

I do have some video of bike running before i started any work if neededI It idled (fast) and ran with all the parts below. The right side idle pickup did not appear to be working well so i decided to replace the entire ignition system. I never had battery problems, so stator/charging & reg/rec was working, coils were good but obviously easy to find replacements cheap so i'm giving those away. obviously looking at image, i kept the right side pickup/pulser, so i could easy mark the fly wheel location for timing and that was the side that I felt wasn't working correctly. I'm still having low idle problems after replacing with a Rae-Sun...but that may be another post discussion someday. If you need an OEM CDI that works, or any of these parts, they did work and the bike ran as of fall 2021 - i rode it around my area several times before deciding to strip it down and rebuild it.

$75 for Everything
$50 for working CDI
$25 for reg/rec
$25 for pickup/pulser stator
Coils free to good home and are mandatory to accept if you buy anything else! : )

Electrical wiring Audio equipment Gas Wire Cable
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If the odometer was correct when I bought it I think it was in low 20s in miles. I can double check whe I get back to where the bike is at this weekend.
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