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Parts availability for the CX range

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Did anyone notice that parts for the CX range are drying up? What do we do when vital parts are no longer available? I had a very hard time finding brown conrod bearing shells, all the major suppliers are empty. Also other bearings are discontinued, like the main bearings. And pistons, camchain guide, camshaft, brake parts for the early models, and other special parts. Body parts are all but gone. 650 parts are very scarce.

I also ride and restore British bikes, and although NOS parts are virtually impossible to find for most models, there is a very large industry that makes good quality parts to keep those bikes running, 50 years or more after they left the factory. Even body and chassis parts are now being produced, some of better quality than NOS. Also the British bikes are simpler and more robust, so are easier to keep running.

Unfortunately the CX500 has never been, nor will it probably ever be, a cult bike with a strong following like the CBX1000 and other more obvious 'icons', so I cannot imagine the repro part industry will tool up just for this model range.

I fear there will be many CX's rusting in garages all over the world in a few years, due to lack of spare parts..

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Thanks for the links Marshall, but Craigslist is no help to us overseas. Complete bikes are very difficult (and extremely expensive) to ship, and many vendors in US refuse to ship parts to Europe (I don't know why).

Surely you have the equivalent type website over there.


Didn't know about that one, I must admit. But it's empty as far as I can see? At least I found no motorcycles.

Anyway nobody over here knows about Craigslist, here we have, and in Sweden These are the major selling sites, although there are not many bikes and no parts. Here the only options to buy parts are the local motorcycle dealers, with prices twice as high as abroad, bike scrap dealers (there are only a few of them and are very expensive), and

I buy almost all my parts from UK, on eBay. Some vendors in Germany also have parts but money transfer is sometimes difficult since it's not very common to use PayPal there, and interbank transfer is cumbersome. Some German vendors refuse to ship to Norway as well, as do some UK vendors.

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