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OK, because using Dexcool in systems that don't specifically say "Dexcool compatible" is a very bad thing to do. Dexcool is NOT COMPATIBLE with our brass/copper radiators, it will eat away the solder. It will also harm the parts in the mechanical seal.

Anyone have an old head gasket (or a new one)? Pour some Dexcool on it and see what happens.

Dexcool is a GM thing they use in specified vehicles where their entire cooling system is compatible.

If you want to buy coolant for our bikes, get G-05 (often found under the Zerex brand) as it's basically compatible with any system especially systems with brass/copper radiators and aluminum engines, or iron engines with aluminum radiators as it's very good at preventing electrolysis...that's why you get the whiteish slime in the radiator which we've all seen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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