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Hi guys (and gals),

In 1982 as I was in the US (Texas) I bought a GL 500 SilverWing.
I really loved it and me and my wife travelled all across the country (mainly the southern par of it) with that bike without ever having a problem.
As I traveled back to Europe, I had to sell it because shipping it across the ocean was much too expensive.
I later purchased a BMW K100RT that I kept for several years and my current bike is a ST1300A Pan European.
But I was missing the GL 500 architecture so I recently bought a very nice CX 650 Turbo of 1983 (Pre-production, chassis RC16-2000002 馃榾)

This is why I just joined this forum

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The BMW Ks are now also becoming sought after...the Pan American a nice bike....and now a 650 have been spoilt....
Good luck with the return to the CX experience

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Welcome to the forum. Please add your location to your profile and your bike's model and model year to your signature so that you don't have to remember to tell us every time and we don't have to keep asking when you forget (see Forum Settings link in my signature).

And welcome to the world of antique vehicle ownership (they own us, not the other way around). Your bike is about 4 decades old and the Previous Owners may or may not have done the maintenance necessary to keep it safe & reliable so it is highly recommended to download the Factory Shop Manual for your model (available through the CX Wiki - link in my signature) and go through all of the service procedures, regardless of whether your bike has reached the specified mileage.
I also recommend looking on all rubber parts with suspicion because rubber does not age gracefully. You probably already know to check the date codes on your tires and replace them if they are over 5 years old no matter how good they look & feel (old rubber simply cannot flow around the irregularities in the asphalt well enough to grip, especially if it is cool or wet) but if your bike still has the original rubber brake line(s) (should be replaced every 2 or 3 fluid changes = 5 or 6 years) I recommend shopping for modern stainless braided ones (they last practically forever and double the life of the fluid). And don't forget things like the rad hoses and the boot between the engine and swingarm (they can crack on the bottom where you don't see it).
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