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overheating problems

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It's summer now, and my 83 honda cx650 has been teetering on the verge of overheating. I checked the fluid level and it is fine. My question is, how do I check to make sure the fan is working? The electrical connection seems fine, both wires are plugged in, but how do I know for sure? Also, there is a small leak from the water pump housing, I got a new replacement gasket, but I've been putting off changing it because I have to drop the engine to get to it. Could that be the reason it's getting so hot?

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I am having the same leak from the water pump cover. I replaced the gasket with a brand new one, but am still having the leak. I couldnt see any problems with the cover, nor the casing where it mates. I was tempted to run a bead of silicone around the cover near the gasket, but didnt while I had it all apart.

I just replaced the O-ring on the chrome pipe, and the leak was still there, so I replaced the gasket on the cover. The metal connector for the bypass hose is rusted - maybe that could cause the leak?
The mechanical seal looks as though it would keep coolant from getting into the rest of the engine. My coolant is leaking to the outside of the engine.

On that page, however, it noted that the O-ring on the pipe should be "in the groove." Not on the end, before the bumps? I thought that would make the most sense for being held tightly against the pump cover...
Some people use two O-rings on the transfer pipe for security.One in the groove and one on the end.On both my CX I use use one in-the-groove but it MUST be the exact size otherwise it will leak.
Ill give that a shot, but I still dont think that the leak is coming from the chrome hose. It seems to be coming from so far under there that I cant really see the exact spot!
What/Where is the weep hole? I havent heard of it, so I wont know what I am looking for.

And what is LPS?
Awesome BS - Is there anything that you dont know??

So, what does this mean? Is my cooling system somehow over pressurizing? I rarely see any activity from my coolant reserve bottle.

OH!! And, when I pulled off my carbs so I could get to the water pump cover, there was some white goop in the tube going to/from the bottom of the air box. Thoughts? Could this have something to do with all this? Is my cooling system clogged with something?
Anything in particular that can be used to flush all that out?
Well, I havent had a chance to work on it yet. Been too busy with classes right now (Next to last semester of college - FINALLY).

So, BS, I guess my question (Now that I know what the weep hole does) is: How can I fix it? I really dont care to be riding down the road with coolant spewing out...

Replace the mechanical seal? (As people were saying before... Damn Im stubborn!)
Ok, so new development!

I just noticed that the thing leaks even if it has not been, nor is at the time, running! Could that still be the weep hole? I am starting to think that maybe I somehow screwed up getting that gasket on ( can you screw THAT up??)
Ok, so I am looking for part number 5 on this diagram, correct?[email protected]+C.D.I.+PULSER

Why, oh why does it have to cost so much??
Is this a repair that can be completed without dropping the engine? Will I have the room to get to it by just removing the carbs?
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