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overheating problems

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It's summer now, and my 83 honda cx650 has been teetering on the verge of overheating. I checked the fluid level and it is fine. My question is, how do I check to make sure the fan is working? The electrical connection seems fine, both wires are plugged in, but how do I know for sure? Also, there is a small leak from the water pump housing, I got a new replacement gasket, but I've been putting off changing it because I have to drop the engine to get to it. Could that be the reason it's getting so hot?

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You should be able to run a hot wire to one of the nodes and the fan should turn on.

650's tend to have to get almost to the red before the fan turns on.

As for a weep hole leak if the bike has sat for a while then run it and it might go away. Otherwise you need a new mechanical seal and we have an easy way to do that. Just watch your leak.

Exactly this. The bike will get very disconcertingly close to the red before the fan kicks on, but when it does you can hear it, feel it, and your lights will dim momentarily.
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