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Cancelled due to zero interest.

"Oregon Beach Loop Motorcycle Ride" for Saturday 08-18-2018.

Coordinator: Montana Clifford. I am in Oregon full-time these days. Final route to be discussed and agreed-up here in this CX500forum thread. RSVP.

Route suggestion: I suggest meeting @ an I-5 Rest stop, Wilsonville south-bound aka Charbonneau. 10:00-am start. Ride down to Salem Mission street aka Highway 22 Break & Gasoline. Head west to 101 in Lincoln City & take a break & Gasoline. Suggest Lunch in Lincoln City @ Mo's. Up 101 to Tillamook to take a break & Gasoline. Continue 101 Northbound to Seaside to take a break & Gasoline. A quick loop up to South Jetty, past Peter Iredale, Battery Russell, and the Columbia Bar, as viewed from Jetty. Possible visit to Maritime Museum in Astoria. Then East on 26 Sunset Highway to 217 to I-5 South, and back down to Charbonneau rest stop to end the ride. Optional dinner get-together up I-5 to Famous Daves Tualatin-Sherwood.

We could also come back Highway 30. More scenic. Stop at probably Clatskanie for gas.

I give out free laminated wind chill charts. I modified it from "hiker" to "motorcycle". Some of the numbers are surprising. Wind Chill factor is the lower temperature caused by speed, and makes the temperature you feel, lower due to wind speed. Safety-wise, it is not hard to get frost bite on exposed skin, when winter driving at fast highway speeds.

Duration: 5 to 7-hours, depending upon options taken. Bring camera/smart phone. Sunglasses. Rainwear.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Questions? 503-367-9401 Clifford, aka Montana Clifford.

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