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Oil - What Types the best?

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Hi All

I'm guessing like all forums about motorbikes or cars, that this subject has come up a few times before.

But as I'm new to the CX and the forum, that I'd ask.

What's the best type of oil to use on these bikes.

I know the manual says 10W40, but mineral, semi, full syn?

Can you use car specific oils, like Castrol Magnatec 10w40 for example?

I'm not ready for a oil change yet, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling.


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The cheapest oil you can get is best and change often.

I use Rotella and it seems to work the best for me.

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Aren't you supposed to use 10w40?

Come to think of it I Castrol GTX in my CBX750 and thats 20w40 I think.

I suppose there isn't much difference.

How often would you recommend changing the oil, the manual mentions every 3600miles.


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Don't know what's available for a good price in New Zealand, but

here are a few post from the BITOG forum. HDEO is Heavy Duty Engine Oil

like Rotella 15W40, Rotella 5W40 Synthetic, and Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W40.

Most of the time I am looking for a HDEO oil on sale and purchase several gallons.

The last oil I found on sale was Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W40 for $7.99 per gallon.
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OH BOY!!!! A new oil thread!! Whooo hoooo!

Honestly, there are many varied opinions, but the majority here seem to prefer normal dinosaur oil. Weight depends on conditions for your area and driving style. Many recommend diesel type oils, as they have a higher Zinc content, which has been shown to be a real need for our engines and is highly reduced in most newer type oils. Many stay completely clear of synthetics due to clutch slippage (we have wet clutches i.e. they live in the oil). Others have used syn. with no problems, but I'd not do it.

Cheap, and often. The mileage range is fine in the manual, more often in harsher situations. Filter at the least every other, but as cheap as they are, I do both each time.

If you really want to spend time, do a search here on "oil" and see what fun you can have! Same thing in the Archives.....Wheeeee!

Joel in the Couve
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Any Kiwi's out there who might know an equivalent diesel oil available in New Zealand?
Any Kiwi's out there who might know an equivalent diesel oil available in New Zealand?
hi Curtis.i change my oil every 2k miles,also you might want to join this forum as well,its closer to home,and a few all blacks

they can help you with availability closer to home
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I like several others in here tried the Shell Rotella-T oil. Fact is, I still have it in the bike. I THOUGHT that summer she was running just a mite warmer then usual and came in a posted to that effect, thinking I was the only one who notiuced this, but, Rickbert said he thought he noticed the same thing. I had a radiator problem I wasn't aware of till later (is fixed now......I think/, so, I COULDA been running without as much anti-freeze as necessary to maintain efficient cooling, but not sure, and I'll prolly post later again this coming summer to be sure.

Point being, one should be advised that your bike MAY run a tad warmer than you may be accustomed to. As far as the prices for the rotella to honda oil, and it seems that this is area specific; The difference betweenst the prices here are not enough for me to warrant buying the rotella, but, as I stated, this just seems to be around the chicago area, or areas further south....The difference is about 3 buks er thereabouts.
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Just don't use anything that has the Energy Conserving emblem on the label, it can make the clutch slip due to the additives.
I use thinner Dino Oil in spring and fall - 5w30. I do use the Rotella 15w40 in the summer. The key as you have already read with the responses is to change often. I will change the oil a minimum of 3 times during the riding season (April - October)...if not more due to use. I've not noticed any difference on the clutch, but I'm using the basic cheap oil, what ever is on sale.
Repco or simlar should have some,

If you hav a big supermarkert chain always check them as well.

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I change my oil every 1500 miles or so. Bikes and Cages. Being the life blood of any motor it's just cheap insurance. I use Rotella 15-40 year round, no problemo.
Didn't know the kiwis have Repco. Their own basic 20/50 is pretty good for the price in these bikes, - in Oz anyway.

Don't know if 20/50 is as advisable in NZs cooler climate though.
Yeap we have repco and supercheap in NZ.

I use Castrol GTX in my CBX750, without any problems, so I was thinking of using that.

But might try the diesel oil suggestion, that seems to be good for our bikes.


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The advantage to the diesel oil is that it still maintains a decent amount of zinc content which is necessary for the shear forces our gears subject the oil to. The second advantage is that it doesn't have all the energy saving stuff that causes our clutches to slip. Best of all it's inexpensive.

I can't emphasize how important it is to have the high zinc content in there not only for the tranny but also for the cam chain.

Cold climate/weather use the 5W-40 synthetic, warmer weather use the 15W-40. Darn cheap insurance.
I'm sold, I'm going for a diesel oil 15W-40.

Temperatures in my part of NZ, very rarely go below 0 degress C. Most of the time it's in the 20's degrees C.

It's not due for change yet though.


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Just change it often as in every 2-3K miles as the action of the gears and clutch tend to wear the viscosity down in short order. There's a reason long haul truckers use this stuff, they want 1M miles from their engines.

Filter at least every other time.
what brand of diesel do you guys recommend?
I don't recommend diesel, our bikes run on gasoline... Hahaha

I use Rotella as mentioned above. I'm not saying it's the best, just that it's what I use.

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Nobody mentioned the JASO/MA. If it's there, it's safe for bike clutches, right? No "energy conserving" stuff on the bottle or the clutch will slip right out of the aluminum case . . .
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