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Oil under spark pulser cover

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Hey guys,

I have an 82 CX 500C and the spark pulser quit on me last fall at the end of the season so I put the bike in storage for the winter. I got the bad pulser out yesterday and just ordered a new pulser coil off Ebay. I believe this part will go right on and I will be in running shape again.

My concern is that there was a little bit, probably an oz or 2, of oil inside the cover and the wires going to the pulsers were coated in oil. This does not seem like an area that should have oil in it. Is there a shaft seal for the shaft (i believe its the cam shaft?) carrying the magnetic point that may be leaking? If there should not be oil in this location I will investigate further but otherwise I will put the bike back together sometime this week ride!

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They are open to oil-splash by design and it does not harm at least on the CDI versions.

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Yep, they get plastered in it

Its quite normal
Excellent news, thanks guys, looks like ill be quite happy by the end of the week/weekend...
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