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Oil Pump

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Having just tested my oil pressure switch, it got me musing over

related things.

I know the oil pumps are NLA and wondered about finding an alternative

that could pressed into service and maybe even on with a slightly higher output

Anyone ever looked into this?
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NLA - No Longer Available.
That's a good question, there's got to be other pumps of similar size and mounting out there. I have to admit I've never really looked at my oil pump in detail, just took it out to check the intake and put it back in, what do you think would wear out on it?
I don't know if this is correct but I have heard that maybe an oil pump from an early VF 750 can be used.

Supposed to be a higher volume too.
Just HAD to chime in here...

1. The stock oil pump will NOT wear out, but

2. it can be damaged by loose bits in the oil (bad loose bits....such as gears blowing up)

3. it has enough capacity for two engines, even at idle...see photo and video at this website:

It was maintaining 30 lbs at idle before all the gears blew up between the engines)

4. it was still pumping, even after it's "innards" were torn up ("innards" is a West Virginia technical term, where my family lived in the hills and hollars).

Careful, clean, oil filter element installation will prevent any issues. No worries.

Regards, JimL
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Jim I agree theyre pretty rugged and they do tend to keep going

but they do wear.

I've examined two and tested them as per the manual and both just about

passed muster.

the lobes had obvious signs of wear as well.

The pumps only half the story of course

Pumps provide flow, its the fit of the bearings that provides the pressure

a bit like when you stick yer finger over the end of a hose pipe.

A slack old well thrashed engine wont develop as much pressure as a new one

Engine renovation isnt an option for many of us

and those that can find they have to use a somewhat jaded pump

so wont/cant get optimum pressure.
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